Summer Waste-ation

I’ve been thinking, and maybe you can help me:

Should the U.S. continue to have summer vacation for schools?
What are the arguments in favor of summer vacation? Why should we keep this 3-month dead period between school years?

I’m curious…


2 responses to “Summer Waste-ation

  • Katie Bergmann

    Summer Vacations are amazing! Its a time when kids don’t have to have all the stress of homework on their shoulders and stuff like that…if we have year long school with just a bunch of breaks then we’ll still have that stress and stuff. plus the breaks would become boring and we’d have to schedule our vacations during certain times instead of having a good amount of time to plan.

  • Leroy Hurt

    An interesting question. Year-round school would certainly help schools cover the topics they want to cover and overcome the problem of students forgetting everything in the summer. If schools are wise, they won’t add too many courses, but would instead spread things out so students can stay rested throughout the year.

    However, everyone would need to reach an accord about what to do about those summer programs like sports which would lose kids.

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