Small Fish…

A while ago, I saw a poster in the men’s bathroom at school advertising our district’s summer tech workshop (great advertising locale, BTW). I volunteered to teach a seminar, and somehow got roped into doing a survey of various desktop and web technologies.

As I’m preparing for the seminar (finally), I’m discovering something about my own tech-savviness. I’ve found that I’m pretty tech aware: I RSS blogs, write my own blog, play with various software and websites, and so on. As a first-year teacher, I’m already teaching the vets some stuff.

I’ve found, however, that the more I read, the more I search, the more I dig into the internet and its universe of possibility, I am flabbergasted by the vastness of what is out there.  I can’t help but think that I am the big fish in the small pond I know this is kind of a big, existential kind of statement, but sometimes we have those moments. I guess I just didn’t expect to have that sort of metaphysical realization about the internet.


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