Reflection on the Keynote

Out district’s superindentent just finished up his keynote and I thought I’d share a couple of quick notes.
– The goal for our district in its use of technology is to make sure our students have the skills required to be successful in the 21st century. In this world, what will they need to be able to do? Somehow, we have to prepare them for jobs that don’t exist yet, in which they’ll use tools that haven’t been invented yet, and work with colleagues that they can’t yet communicate with. That’s a bit of a challenge.
– One of the big questions he asked: how do we teach somebody to teach themselves? Something I’ve been thinking about over the last couple of months is how I can do a better job of “teaching students to fish” rather than giving them delicious, alder-smoked salmon in lemon butter sauce…mmmmm….
– The last point that he made is one I’m planning on making in my own class tomorrow: that when we take risks with technology, we sometimes fail. However, that is probably the best possible situation, because it lets students see us in “teachable moments” – they see us learning, they see us problem solving, they see us trying to teach ourselves, and, often, they see us learning from them. These are great things for them to see. It was great to hear these ideas echoed from someone else.

Now I’m off to a class on Creative Design – should be great.


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