Tech Conference Day 2

Halfway through the second day of our summer tech conference.

Taught my class this morning – a whopping 5 attendees! I feel like it didn’t go as well as I would have liked, but it seemed like they learned something, at least. At least I have an awesome powerpoint. 😛

Second class I attended was on cyber-bullying, taught by a police officer. This was an eye-opening and fantastic seminar that opened our eyes to 21st century bullying – cell phones, myspace, and all of that great stuff being used to harass and threaten students. I think the most important learning from this is just how prevalent it is – 53% of surveyed students admitted to being a cyber-bully at some point. That’s about half of each of my classes, which is hard for me to believe. Hopefully I’ll be more aware of the things that are going on in class – students texting in their pockets and that kind of stuff – so that I can begin to prevent this sort of activity.

More on this afternoon’s session The Book Lives! will come later.

Our session on “The Book Lives!” was about social book sites like Shelfari and Goodreads. Though I’ve gotten completely addicted to Shelfari before this, it was good for me because I learned a couple of really useful tricks – like how to record that I “loaned” a book out, or how to see who else is reading the same things I am. I also started tagging all my books, which was cool. Anywho, on to the implementation and planning time – I’m supervising today! 🙂


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