Tech Conference Day 3

I’m live-blogging while in the midst of the third and final day of our district’s tech conference.

Taught a second round of my class on Web 2.0 technologies this morning. Had a few more attendees. The clear favorite technologies of those who attended: Voki, SurveyGizmo, and XTimeline. The teachers, paraeducators, and classified staff in attendance found that these three tools had the most potential for improving what they were doing in their classrooms. Several teachers are looking forward to having students see Voki’s talking avatars on their class websites. Others wish they had SurveyGizmo a month ago to use for their end of the year surveys. And a number of the teachers (especially at the elementary/middle levels) were excited about the things you could do in Xtimeline with multimedia integration. Stuff like Twitter didn’t go over so well – nobody could figure out why people would want to know what I was doing all the time. 🙂 I love the non-geeky responses to some of these technologies. Overall, I guess the class was a nice first foray into teaching professional development classes. I learned a lot about the tech-savviness in our district (and lack thereof), which will help me to better tailor my instruction in the future. However, what I was most impressed with was the people who didn’t know a whole lot of technology that were stepping out of their comfort zones and challenging themselves to learn something new and conquer their fear of the new technology. I have been very impressed with all of this.

Right now, I’m in a seminar on Wikis and Google Tools, which is pretty cool. It boggles the mind how much Google is able to do. No wonder people say that, within five years, Google will rule the world. 🙂

More to come later.


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