Reflecting on the First Days of Summer Break

I got a late start on summer vacation. First, we had our first department meeting of next year the day after school got out. I had to clean my room and submit my grades. Then, we had our summer tech conference (a 3 day affair) that I both attended and taught at. Throw all of this on top of learning for the first time what it means to be a home-owner, and I haven’t had a whole lot of time.

Now that I am finally getting a chance to relax and do some other stuff, I’ve noticed a couple of things about what I’m doing. Oddly enough, I’m not spending a whole lot of time playing video games (MarioKart Wii is my current obsession in that department). Yesterday, for example, instead of playing games, I photoshopped a really cool title page for the trivia game I run for my classes. In fact, I was so proud of it that I spent a couple hours today photoshopping a game board (very similar to that of a popular answer-question TV game show) and then put together an interactive PowerPoint using those graphics (complete with great sounds and fitting animations).

Then, this afternoon, instead of playing video games, I sat down and started browsing around the internet for sites, blogs, and other resources that I might use in my new role as one of our building’s technology teacher leaders (a new program we’re starting next year). I came across some really cool sites, including one that (coincidentally) talks about using PowerPoint in a non-linear way (kind of like for trivia games).

The weird thing about all of this is that it’s not even something I feel like I have to do. Instead, I feel like doing all of these school-related things are really enjoyable. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. On the one hand, I could be a total workaholic. On the other hand, I do tell people who ask that I teach because I enjoy working with kids. Hopefully this is just an extension of that – I enjoy doing things that I know are going to help students.


One response to “Reflecting on the First Days of Summer Break

  • Ben A.

    Thanks for the link to the PowerPoint blog. I’ve been experimenting with PowerPoint games as well after a colleague of mine started using them in his classes to great success. I’ve found some great ideas for using PowerPoint in the classroom at, as well some helpful technical tips. Good luck!

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