What a Week

I’ll be on hiatus for the next couple of days, as football has started two-a-days. For coaches, this means getting up early and going to bed late. I may have some time over the weekend to write, but you never know.

That said, however, I recently read this post on The Doc Is In about the first day of class. The Doc wrote that, “I have the students take the first ten minutes to write down any questions they have about me or the class on 2″ by 2″ pieces of paper. They can ask anything they want and do not put their names on the slips of paper. I don’t have to answer a question, but it’s rare to get an inappropriate question. The kids drop their slips of paper into my Mariners cap and away we go.”

I really liked this idea so I thought I would ask others: what’s the best activity you’ve done on the first days of school to get to know your students and help them get to know each other?


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