Speech recognition software

This is my first post using Microsoft speech recognition software.  Using a laptop, Windows Vista, and the installed software, I can dictate anything I want a type.  This is an interesting technology.  While I’m not sure what uses I would have for it, it seems to accurately dictate anything I say and if it doesn’t, I can easily change what it wrote.  Of course as soon as I said that, the program crashed.

I can see a lot of benefits in using this for accommodations to meet the needs of students who have trouble typing.  It offers a viable alternative to typing a paper, even if it is a little slower than a seasoned keyboardist.  It sure beats using the one finger poke method.

Speech recognition software can also be used to control basic functions on the computer, including the start menu, quick launch buttons, the Internet, and other software.  This makes using the computer the special easy for those who do not have the motor skills to type or use a mouse.

By the way, this post took about 10 minutes using the microphone and speech recognition software.  The key difficulty was getting WordPress to insert tags and categories using voice commands.


One response to “Speech recognition software

  • Robin

    I’m so glad that you took my advice and tried out speech recognition! It’s absolutely amazing! I wish that I had the software to do it on my computer at home. I keep trying to talk to the computer and can’t figure out why it’s not working.
    Anyway, I think that I might have told you this already, but you can use the speech recognition to do just about anything on your computer. Write an essay; send an e-mail, and a whole lot more. So far the only thing that I’ve had trouble with is using Microsoft Access. Have fun with the speech recognition software!

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