It’s always a tough day when I have 5 classes worth of papers to grade, only to find out 1/5 of the way through that the students didn’t “get it.”

I gave students some questions about conflict and theme after reading the Vonnegut story, “Harrison Bergeron.” As I’ve been grading them, I realized that many students did not understand theme or how to identify theme. Of course, being the progressive, students-first teacher that I am striving to be, this means that instead of completely forward, I need to reteach the concept of theme to my students. This means that I’ll have to find time in the next week or two to address the topic in a new way. After that, I’ll try to reassess (similar questions – different text) and see if they “get it” a little better.

On a brief side note, it’s nice to know that my administration and colleagues will be completely supportive of this. It’s also nice to know that my students will be able to go back and get better at something they didn’t get and I won’t be falling behind on a scripted curriculum.


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