Dealing with Change

“Everything is Changing,” by amanki

WordPress just unleashed a new interface – WordPress 2.7. It features a completely redesigned dashboard that took all of the familiar old buttons and boxes and moved them, recolored them, and sometimes even renamed them. It’s a nice looking redesign and everything I’ve heard suggests that it will end up being a much more efficient design. Even so, it caught me off guard when I couldn’t find the button to create a new post right away.

As many things do, this got me thinking: how well do educators deal with change? Do I handle it well, or do we react like the woman in the photograph (a great image, I must say)?

Of all the skills we try to teach, this strikes me as the most critical for success in the 21st century – to adapt when we are confronted by change. It is difficult for me as a building technology leader to see teachers struggling to complete even basic computer tasks like opening up their email. While it would be easy for me to be critical, I wonder how I will handle the next big shift in education. Will I be able to learn how to use the next piece of state-of-the-art technology? Or will I see it as just a fad? If adabtability and flexibility are so important for us now, imagine how important it will be for our students in 20 or 30 years when the world is changing even faster.

This is why I firmly believe that our greatest goal should be to teach our students how to learn. We must help them develop an intellectual curiosity about the world around them; help them grow into being lifelong learners.


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