Just wanted to make a comment on WordPress 2.7’s “QuickPress” feature. It’s a neat little widget on my Dashboard that lets me make a quick post without clicking on anything else. Though not a full featured posting page, it basically inspires quick thoughts or mini-posts that can either be published immediately or saved as a draft. Thus far, I’ve been keeping my dashboard open as I bust through Google Reader (J is the new Down Arrow). When I see something interesting that inspires something, I QuickPress my ideas and click “Save Draft.” Later on, I’ll come back to it, revise it, and publish it if I like it. That’s what I did with this post, anyway.

I wonder what I do that lets students think this way. What do I do that allows them to jot down an effortless little piece of writing when they feel inspired? We do QuickWrites at the beginning of class every day, but that appears to be more of a chore than something exciting/interesting. Perhaps a more important question is this: how can I encourage students to feel inspired to write? I guess I could ask them what they think…

Any thoughts from the blogosphere?


2 responses to “QuickPress

  • Abigail

    That is an interesting idea for using the QuickPress. I am glad that you shared it.

    When it comes to writing, I think you may have the key to your answer in what you wrote. What inspires your students? Perhaps, you could give them a question to answer…one that causes them to address the heart and make them think.

    Did anything make them angry in the last week? Happy? Sad? Did anything happen that made them feel really good? Or feel really bad? If they could experience one thing in this world before they die, what would it be? If there was one thing they absolutely hope they never experience, what would it be? Who is the most important person to them? And…of course…add the second question…”why?” Ask them about their dreams and things along those lines. I am sure that you can come up with a whole list of possible questions.

    Hope that helps a bit. 🙂

  • Leroy Hurt

    You might be interested in exploring Evernote. It allows quick posting of just about everything with a button click. Basically, it’s like having OneNote online.

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