Twitter Hits the Mainstream

A recent report from Bob Condotta on the Seattle Times’ Husky Football Blog notes that

Steve Sarkisian’s “Twitter” page had an announcement from him that a new wide receivers coach had been hired.

[…] I’m told today that [Twitter] is officially his way of passing on news to the Husky nation.

If Twitter had not already hit the mainstream consciousness in this country, events like this are certain to make it bigger.

I’ve continued to put off joining Twitter – I feel like I’m already trying to keep up with enough stuff as is – my blog, wikis, keeping up with my barrage of RSS feeds…oh, and there’s that whole “teaching” thing, as well. Do you think this is reason enough to sign up? Why are some of you on Twitter?


One response to “Twitter Hits the Mainstream

  • Crystal

    I get my tweets sent to my cellphone and then check it online ocassionally. Twitter is probably one of my most favorite Web 2.0 tools, though I use it very differently than other tools.

    Blogging I use to vent, record my life, and share my stories with friends, family, and strangers.

    Facebook (and LinkedIn) I use to keep connected to various friends and acquaintences. I have “friends” from traveling, schooling, my education as a student, my education as a teacher, and then of course some real-life awesome friendships.

    Twitter I use more as an online conversation. I use it to ask questions of friends, plan outings, and share quick interesting news. I particularly loved it while I was in Thailand this summer and was getting tweets from friends in the US via SMS and was able to feel like I had friends right at my finger tips. I am the most selective about who I allow to be my “friend” on Twitter because it is the most personal and also keeps me the most connected. I love it. — Though if you don’t have a community to tweet with, then it would be horrible boring and dumb.

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