Filter Hack: Winamp Remote

I’m still up in the air on how I feel about this particular technology, but I thought it worth sharing with the education audience for one reason: filter hack.

Winamp – a free, downloadable media player – has developed a great tool for those teachers who are trapped behind internet filters at school. We all know that media – music and video, in particular, is a powerful education tool. Unfortunately, sites like YouTube are blocked even to teachers in many places.

The Winamp Remote feature may be a solution to that problem. Remote is a feature in the Winamp player that allows the user to create an account and access media on their home computer from any location. For example, if I want to show students a particular YouTube video, I can download it to my home computer (using a free online tool like KeepVid, for example) and access it through Winamp Remote. Hopefully, this resource can help if you need to get around those web filters to share useful photos, music, and videos.

And for those who are interested, Winamp Remote also works on the Wii Internet browser.


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