Finding More Hours in the Day

The Passage of Time, by ToniVC (on flickr)

"The Passage of Time," by ToniVC (on flickr)

The last several weeks have been absolutely hectic for me. It all started when I got sick and had to take my first sick day, but much of by busyness has little to do with my health. I’ve found myself overwhelmed with meetings, grading, baseball, football meetings (already!), and the stress of being a young teacher as our district considers RIFs. All told, I’m happy I’ve been able to stay afloat. But time continues to be fleeting in my life.

Obviously, as a result, blogging has taken a bit of a hit. Though I want to post, any small amount of time I have has been spent doing something else – catching up with my wife, sleeping, obtaining parts for my new PC, etc. On top of all of this, I’m trying to work on several personal projects that I’ll have to share later.

All of this has raised two questions that I want to pose to anyone out there interested in sharing (right now, I’m particularly interested in the second):

1. For the bloggers who might be reading this, what do you do to make time to blog? Do you set aside a regular time in your day to compose posts? Do you wait for the muses to deliver inspiration? I’m curious what sort of strategies others are engaged in.

2. I’m already in the process of finding a solution to this question, but I pose it to others for additional input: what strategies do you use to make yourself more efficient, both at work and at home?Are there any theories/systems/tools that you use that help you create more time in your day for things like blogging?


One response to “Finding More Hours in the Day

  • Whitney

    One thing that’s made a small dent in the ridiculous time I sink into grading is swapping out my EZ grader for Definitely helps me get through big stacks of tests, and I can even use it on my phone when I’m grading at my desk at school.

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