Excel for Educators

ilustra-construindo-macro-excel by FelipeArte (on flickr)

"ilustra-construindo-macro-excel" by FelipeArte (on flickr)

I’ve been working on several projects lately and am really engaged in one particular project: Excel for Educators.

In my role as a technology teacher leader, I have been trying to find some training/learning opportunities that teachers can truly benefit from. The lack of attendance at prescribed trainings and the poor response to topics like “Web 2.0 Apps” and “Making Learning Visual” is moving me towards more specific trainings with tools that we already have but may not know how to use.

After polling a number of teachers, I found that learning how to use Excel is one such learning opportunity. As a result, I’ve been working on an Excel for Educators training – looking for ways that teachers can maximize Excel’s more powerful features (you know, on top of making neat, clean tables). In doing this, I’ve been putting together a list of basic functions, basic formulas, and some intermediate formulas that teachers can use for practical, every-day stuff. For example, I’m including how to use formulas like AVERAGE and MIN, or for the more advanced users, using the IF formulas.

I’m wondering, though, what else people are using Excel for in their classrooms, either as a teacher tool or with students. If you have suggestions for teachers using Excel, I would love to hear them.

One additional FYI: As I finish up materials like this Excel for Educators training, I will be creating additional pages to house them, so be on the lookout for some new pages on Edumacation.


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