Blog Action Day 2009

Last year, I participated for the first time in Blog Action Day – a day when bloggers write about the same topic from whatever perspective they see fit. I shared this post on poverty and what we should be doing about it in education.

This year’s theme for Blog Action Day is climate change, and I will again be participating. So on October 15, check back here as I share some thoughts on the effects our schools have on the environment, both positive and negative.


2 responses to “Blog Action Day 2009

  • Mike

    Thank you for sharing this opportunity. How did it go last year with your efforts to get your students enaged in empathy and world poverty?

    • thehurt

      It actually went fairly well. I was able to use several QuickWrites (5-minute writing session at the beginning of class) to get students thinking about poverty, both on a local and global level. We were able to have a couple of interesting discussions about them, as well, which I think helped some students shift some faulty paradigms.

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