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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, largely because I’m trying to keep up with more responsibilities than I can count at school and home. Nevertheless, I feel a compelling urge to post on a fairly new tool I came across called, which has the potential to be more dangerous to students than most other websites I’ve heard of. Just to give you an idea of it’s prevalence, I took a quick poll of my 8th graders. About 1/3 have a Formspring page. About 3/4 know about

Usually I like to post tools that could be useful for teachers to use – either to make the administrative side of our jobs easier or to help students learn something better. In this case, however, I want to make those few readers of this blog aware of this site, which is quickly replacing MySpace and facebook as the site du jour for the teenagers I work with. is a very simple site. Users like my 8th and 9th graders create accounts, which give them a formspring page. If you or I go visit that user’s page, we see a box to type in with a title that reads “Ask me anything.” You fill out this box and it anonymously asks the user any question you can come up with. The user will then post his/her answer, along with the question, for all to see. Simple concept, right?

Here’s the dilemma: anyone who works with young people can quickly point out that anonymity nearly always breeds irresponsibility. This case is no different. While doing a little research, I was (un)fortunate enough to come across a couple of former students’ pages on and can honestly say that I will never look at those students the same way again. After only a couple of minutes browsing around, here are a couple of things I saw that set of alarm bells in my “teacher brain”:

  • Conversations on each page quickly degenerated into some general types of questions/comments:
    • “I hate you” comments were remarkably prevalent. I saw people calling each other names that I wouldn’t use around my closest friends. Moreover, the frequency of these comments was staggering. In a lot of ways, this site more or less encourages cyber-bullying, and does it in a public space.
    • “You’re awesome” comments are much less disturbing, but encourage a pretty self-centered view on life. For example, I saw a few comments such as, “Why are people judging you? You’re so nice!” Not surprisingly, the students in question respond with statements about how they are good people that don’t judge other people but that other people actually judge them.
    • Questions/comments about sex. Every question that can be asked about a person’s sexual history, preference, etc. is being discussed in public for the world to see. Like I said – I’ll never look at some kids the same way again.
  • This site allows a space for kids to do discuss these things in an uncontrolled environment without talking about issues with parents or teachers or people who may have a little more experience and wisdom.
  • Think MySpace encouraged risky behavior? Looking at two pages on Formspring, I saw full names, cities, and cell phone numbers posted for all the world to see. At our school, we try to teach kids what information to put out there and to be responsible citizens of the internet. Apparently our lessons aren’t sticking.

Now, I’m not saying we should sue the website and get it shut down or anything like that. I’m not even necessarily saying the site should be blocked by school web filters. What I am saying, though, is that this is just another site that parents and teachers need to be aware of and, hopefully, talk to their students about using responsibly. I know I will.

Have some experience using Do your children or students use it? I’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts, comments, and questions on this one.


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  • Julie

    Just discovered my 12 year old’s Formspring page and was absolutely appalled – mostly by the hateful, profanity-laden comments made by other kids. I’m a bit confused as to how it works, as it seems my daughter would had to make these comments available for viewing by others. We’ve had to take all her electronics away. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Tweens and younger teens are just not able to handle this type of electronic communication.

    • Tabatha

      I disagree completely. I think formspring is a way that our children can make friends, learn about people, and grow when they are asked actual questions and they’re view on things. And as for those nasty comments, you do not have to reply to them. Just delete. And Julie, is was completely wrong to take your child’s electronics away. Children are resourceful. If she really wants to do something online, there’s no stopping her. and I think that is the problem with some parents. They under-estimate they’re child’s resourcefulness. Just give her her iPod back. It’s not gonna hurt her.

      • thehurt

        @Tabatha: I’m interested to hear how you think Formspring creates new friendships. My understanding is that I have to search for someone’s name in order to get to their Formspring page. If I don’t know their name, how will I “friend” them?
        I do understand where you’re coming from on the potential for Formspring – when I read about the concept, I thought it would be a great way to get honest feedback from students and parents about what’s going on in my classroom. The problem I found is that there was far more of the “bad stuff” – insults, dirty questions, even self-aggrandizing statements – than useful, insightful questions.
        And I certainly understand where you’re coming from regarding the resourcefulness of our kids – ask any teacher and we can point out some pretty nifty tricks they’ve used over the years to beat the system. I don’t think, however, that we should just let them use technology willy-nilly; I think there needs to be teaching and learning about how to use this technology responsibly. In my opinion, if a child can’t use technology responsibly, then he/she shouldn’t be using it period. As a teacher or a parent, we want to help our kids find their way in the world, but we also don’t want them taking irresponsible risks and putting themselves in danger. I want my students to understand that their employers will see what they posted on Facebook or Formspring and consider the consequences. So you may be right – children are resourceful – but I think your argument that we should just “give her her iPod back” is faulty.

      • Wally

        “…if she really wants to do something…there is no stopping her…” Wow, with that kind of rational you better give her a stash of condoms, filtered cigarettes and some poker chips. After all there is nothing you can do.

      • Teenager

        So, I’m a teenager and I’ve had a formspring account for a few months now, I’ve had my fair few hateful questions or statements and I’ve also said a few mean things to other people.
        I easily get over these comments and my friends will usually defend me if someone says something hurtful.
        It doesn’t necessarily allow you to meet new people, but it can make friendships grow, or you learn things about people you don’t sit with or talk to in your usual environment.
        Oh and Julie, taking your daughter’s electronics isn’t going to help with anything (give her the iPod back at least).
        She’s obviously stronger then you think, it was her OWN choice to post those questions publically, when she could have just deleted them.

      • jenny

        i disagree with you ok ya you can delete it but its not like they didnt see it. it still hurts to see those comments. i am a 15 year old girl i own one and ive gotten rude comments from that i think that if they want to keep formsprings they should atleast take it off so that people cant put them annon. its just crul and if u think thats ok then wow.

      • cb

        i disagree.
        all formspring is just a place for private bullying.!

    • tina

      I totally agree !!! I am just fuming right now ! I know see how much my daughter and her friends are so disgusting talking in ways I NEVER thought I would see my daughter act like ! Also the bullying and nastiness coming from these kids are just appalling ! I am a school bus driver and I am STILLLLL more in shock and amazed each time I see more of this type of stuff….This is such a huge avalanche, these sickening sites that allow ANY age of children to get an account, I am so mad right now. HOWWW can we protect our children if these sites are so irresponsible in who is getting these accounts???

      • kate

        kids can easily just make their birth year earlier than it is so that they can make an account.. LOL

    • A delgado

      my 14 year old uses this site also, I found out.. and I was appalled by the comments that are given by guys to her as a young female. I think phone numbers are given out often too.
      I think after some of the things I have found that I am going to have to fold this website for her and close her account. I have on my computer but I am not sure if it blocks websites yet.
      if your child has this website or uses it i should say, I would discontinue use. My teenager now has a very explict knowledge about sex that did not come from me

      • Teenager

        Alright listen, I’m a teenager. I know every adult’s first instinct will be to completely ignore and disregard what i say here because I’m “immature” or “stupid.” But I would appreciate it if you people hear me out. My comment isn’t so much about formspring, but about the way parents treat teenagers. I can understand most of the rules and regulations that are put on us, because sure, you all wish to keep us safe. But honestly, as far as sex, drugs, alcohol , and the rest of the world goes, what the hell are you trying to protect us from? The world we teenagers live in today is completely alien compared to the childhood you people had. We know more about the world than you did at our age, so please, stop being so naive and pretending like we don’t already know all about sex, drugs, and alcohol. You would have to live under a rock not to know about these things as a teenager in our society. You just have to trust that your child has the common sense to make wise decisions involving these things. But please, open your eyes and realize that we’re not dumb. We know all about the world and what we should, and should not do. Stop trying to hide us from the harsh realities of life, because honestly, it’s only going to make it harder for us to deal with them when we find out.
        And another thing, taking away a teenager’s electronics DOES NOTHING. All it really does is make us depressed and moody, because whether we like it or not, we’ve become attached to technology, i’ll admit it. We use technology as a means to socialize, however if you take it away, we still have our means of communicating. Trust me, we are more resourceful than you think. We are inevitably going to find ways of getting on the computer, or texting people. And as soon as you block one website, another website exactly like the old one will pop up for our use. Again, we’re not dumb.
        So please parents, all I ask is that you stop being so naive and believing that you can stop this whole technological revolution. Because frankly, you can’t. Please stop trying to stop us from using websites like formspring, because truly, you cannot.

      • Aiden

        “Teenager”‘s comment resonates with me and I’m sure the majority of teenagers agree with the points you made. I’m a 17 year old guy with a Formspring account. Weirdly, when I get to an abusive question, I sit back and read into it, find out what the person’s in-securities are, find out the grammatical mistakes that they had made, and turn it all back on them. Amazingly, they never comment back again because they know that I’ll shut them down. They’re the cowards of the internet. They hate being proven completely wrong. If somebody is hurt from something that somebody has said, they can sort of find solace in the knowing that they’re the ones being immature.

        Just my £ .02

    • Hannah

      wow! im sorry but thats unbelievably STUPID! im a kid and i use formspring and you’re just hurting ur kid even more! obviously the questions that she got were HURTING HER! I get questions tht r mean and rude and if my parents saw id hope they’d help me feel good about myself and not take my stuff away. honestly u need to read up on parenting books cuz ur doing a bad job.

  • thehurt

    @Julie: glad you found that (though sorry you had to). That was something I noticed, as well – how spiteful some kids are and, more amazingly, how willing students are to share those comments. Based on what I’ve seen with Formspring, you’re right – your daughter chose to post those comments, along with her response.

  • Emily

    I am a formspring owner myself, im 15 years old an I do agree with egerything you are saying.formspring is a way to bully people anonymously. I find this cruel and wrong an so many ways. Although as far as my friends go I think we have more posotive comments.yet like you said a lot less. and I find it’s good tour inforing parents about it. because it is also used or could be used by predators who someone may think to be a student. and considering the site doesn’t allow you to see who is following your page it is very dangerous. I feel if people my age and younger really feel the need use it they should use it safely. theeze days kids are atleast aware of possible danger but can be very dumb or careless with the what info they put out there.

    • thehurt

      @Emily: I’m curious now, since you mention that you have a Formspring – what made it appealing to you? Why did you choose to sign up? Also, how do you handle people’s insulting or hateful comments? I really appreciate your willingness to share – it’s great to hear a different perspective.

  • Karen

    I found out an hour ago that my 12 year old girl has an account. OMG — the posts that someone put on were so incredibly nasty that they had her hysterically crying. We have disabled the account for now so no more nasty stuff can be posted. What an incredibly dangerous and ridiculous website. She has enough trouble with bullying already, and now this?! I plan on making the principal of her middle school completely aware. People are creating these types of sites faster than parents can keep up with them.

    • thehurt

      @Karen: I’m curious to hear what your middle school principal had to say about Formspring. My experience has been that most people are completely unaware, much as they were unaware of Twitter three years ago or Myspace before that. From there, we tend to jump to being too overprotective and just block everything. Eventually, I hope we find a way to balance the usefulness of some of these sites (like YouTube) with the apparent “bad stuff” so that we can take advantage of them for positive uses (like teaching!). Thanks for the comment.

  • Kelly

    I am so glad that I finally found some people who share my same opinions on this website. I came across my daughter’s account a few days ago. I was very upset to see that someone (anonymously) posted some hateful comments about her. Although my daughter was upset, she told me that was nothing I should see what people had said about some of her other friends or “followers”. I was shocked and appalled! And what was more shocking was when I realized that the only way to make these comments public was by replying to them. It just goes to show that these girls, at 12 or 13, are still so incredibly immature and naive. I contacted the middle school counselor who informed me that she was aware of the site, however, the principal instructed her to leave it alone as it is not a “school matter”. Unfortunately, I’m sure it is only a matter of time before it becomes one.

    Just deleting is not that easy. You have to read it first before you “just delete”. It may stop the comment from being put out there for everyone to see, however, my daughter is still hurting by what she read.

    My advice is to delete, block – whatever it takes. No good can come from this website.

    • thehurt

      @Kelly: Unfortunately, this is the position that many schools take – stay out of it because it’s not our business. I believe that was said about bullying once – that it was just kids being kids. Then these kids started bringing guns to school to protect themselves and we had to take it seriously. I certainly don’t want to see the same sort of escalation happening because of sites like Formspring.
      And the thing you mentioned that kills me about Formspring – that regardless of whether I post someone’s hurtful comment, I still had to read it. I fully appreciate the power of constructive criticism, but being told that I’m a horrible person, that I’m ugly, or that I should kill myself is just going to make me feel worse about myself.

    • Carol McKinley

      Kelly, I am a reporter writing up a story for a magazine in Colorado. Would you mind if I contact you?

      Carol McKinley

  • Julia

    I found my 14 year old daughter’s formspring and she also had mean comments on it. I made her shut it down and if I find out she opens it again, I will take her computer away. I have checked out some of her friends’ formsprings and the comments are mostly mean spirited and the questions are about sex. I know the comments/questions can be deleted, but they will never forget what was said about them. With so much stress from peer pressure and school, I think this website is a very bad idea.

  • elora

    hello, im 15 and a user of formspring as well. you are right this website basically gives people an opening to call you out on your flaws. i get many mean and nice ones daily. & yet i cant find the guts to delete it, i guess for a teenager its so appealing to know how others feel about you. with this site people can say how they really feel about you or stuff they wouldnt say to your face. its becoming so bad that me and friends go to formspring befoe we go to anything else on the computer usually hoping/dreading that we have something in our inbox just thinking ” what will they say next?”

    • thehurt

      @elora: Thanks so much for your perspective on this – since I’m slowly becoming an old guy, I don’t have the same perspective you do. I’m fascinated by what you said – that you and your friends go to formspring before anything else. One thing I wonder is how often you visit other people’s (whether friends or people you don’t like) formspring pages to see what’s being said there. I think you’ve clarified why you check yours, but what makes you want to write on others’ pages?

    • Teenager

      I completely agree with this statement, and I’m 15 as well by the way.

  • erica

    I am 20, with a formspring.. I just got it to see what its like. i have read some peoples stuff and was disgusted. I was hoping i’d get questions like “what’s your favorite color” not like “whats your favorite sex position” I mean personally i like looking for what ppl ask, it’s something I laugh at. I accept all my flaws, and love me so when people say you smell i’d say do i smell pretty?! I mean I take it as a joke. I noticed the more you don’t care the more people don’t get hurt. Kids at 13 or 12 shouldnt even have it especially if its bad enough they are growing and are trying to find themselves. with the remarks and crap from other students it can hurt. people can’t sue, or take anything away from kids cause they will want it more, i should know. Sueing this company won’t go far cause it says in terms and agreement that stuff will happen. I disabled mine cause someone was on mine and didnt block my name and it looked like i was askin or stating stupid crap to people. There is no way of deleting it, and I don’t care. Shit happens. The best you can do is talk to your kids about the sickos out there and everything and explain what has happened around here, and just tell them people say hurtful things to watch them cry cause it makes them feel stronger. Staring at what your kids do or spying isnt the answer cause what you will see now a days are not cute.

  • Nico

    Hi i’m a 15 y/o M and i don’t have any problems with this site. It says i’ve answered 251 questions, and as far as i remember, only TWO of them were hurtful. And they weren’t even about me they were about friends and family. This website isn’t what you make it out to be, unless you have alot of immature friends.

  • becka

    I have a formspring account, I’m 17 and I really like it, it’s good to know what other people think of you and some people come up with really good questions that get you thinking, I personally haven’t had any bad experience with nasty comments but I can understand how dangerous this can be. I think that if I was to start getting horrible comments I might stop using the website but until then I will continue to use it, I think if you can use it responsibly then it is a brilliant way to find out information annonymously.
    By the way I read somewhere that if on a question you press ‘report spam’ it automatically blocks that user from submitting any more questions/comments to you, this way their anonymity stays intact but you wont have to suffer from their irresponsibility and carelessness, Hope this helped.

  • Kim

    I agree. Parents are not aware of this site. I stumbled across it in the history of my 14 year olds computer. There were strangers asking her very nasty sexual questions, almost like a predator. My stomach sunk. Earlier today, I sent the news stations emails to alert parents in the area of this site. We are all familiar with Facebook and MySpace, but this site is not one that I had ever heard of. The news lady wants to run a story tomorrow. Thank the Lord. My daughter had to delete her profile after I informed her of the dangers of this site. I just decided to research the net to see if anyone else has noticed problems with this site and I ran across your blog. I am printing your blog off for my news reporter to read over, so they understand this is a real threat to our teenagers and children. Thank you for posting

  • Javier

    i am 17 and i also have a yes there is some proofs to your argument but you have to consider the students aspects of this site basically other people can truly express their feeling about the other student whether this is going to be a hurtful or shrug off statement its up to the owner of the page i personally receive a combination of questions some about what i want to do in life and my views while others simply come down to either my sexual life or random stupid topics i believe that the site gives the person a view on how people truly feel about the other person and can be used as means to grow maturely and better resource to get along with peers in the end its up to the owner of the site to ultimately make the final decision how it affect their life

  • Alisha

    I’m 16 years old, and I have a formspring account myself. When I signed up for mine I knew there was going to be disrespectful things put into my inbox. In my opinion, you can’t just sign up for one without the knowledge that you are going to get rude comments. Actually, I’ve never seen any ruder comments than the ones I get in mine. I’ll admit I’ve left some extremely terrible ones in other girls’ inboxes as well. Probably some of the meanest things you can ever think of, to the point where the next day the girl deleted her account. I did it because she’ll NEVER know who said it. Formspring is 100% anonymous and that’s why I think it’s dangerous unless the teenager is mentally prepared for something like that. & Most teenagers aren’t. So parents just shouldn’t let there kids have one, it’s asking for cyberbullying to the point of possible suicide.

  • Alisha

    Oh and what Becka said is true, if you have a repeat harasser that keeps leaving rude things to you, you can press the ‘report spam’ button’ & they will be disabled from posting to you. But only if they are signed in. If not, they can still say whatever they want.

  • Rose

    I am so upset my daughter got formspring. She says she wants to know what people think of her. Well she’s 15 and girls that age love to put eachother down. I asked her why she wants people to ask her disgusting sexual questions and tell her she’s ugly even though she’s clearly not. She is actually a strong girl and it probably won’t break her but I don’t understand why she would open herself up to abuse. She thinks is funny but it just creates more drama and there’s enough of that. Some poor kid is going to get very depressed and these things can lead to suicide. It is a useless site and if one child loses their life over something someone says anonymously I believe the makers of this site should be held responsible. I say shut it down! True friends tell you what they think of you in person. Girls love to put other girls down and this site has the potential to be deadly.

  • This15yearoldboy.

    Alright my turn to give my opinion on this Formspring.Me
    I’m 15. I have websites account like: Myspace,Facebook, Formspring, OMGPOP, Tumblr? On formspring, I’ve answer 273 questions from Anonymous users, and also friends. First time I used this, thought it was pretty silly. All the sudden, a good majority of my friends/quotients on my friends list from Myspace, Facebook, and Aim started to make an account on Formspring.Me. This was crazy ! Right now I have 66 followers, I think at least 50 of them are my friends. Yes its a pretty nice site to socialize, but the bad part is ….You don’t know who ask you questions and give statements when they’re on Anonymous. My life is pretty socializing for a teenage to grow up. Its all normal, even if your kids talks about sex, drugs, or alcohol, you can’t stop them from not “thinking about it” either way, all these stuff is everywhere. Sometimes strangers come into my page and ask the most perverted, silly, nastiest, sickess, questions ever. Well, I do that too- Even to my closest friends ever. I’m 100% sure that whenever someone give statements or ask questions on anonymous, they all know you. Because my friends on my page does that to me, and I’m okay with it, never felt offended in anyways because they know me and I know them. Call “playing around” with one another using curse words and make fun of each other and laugh. Thats pretty much it. If it does offend you, yours kids or anyone that you know of, it only happens at time, rarely . ITS ALL PART OF A TEENAGE LIFE. Let teens be teen, they’ll grow up and learn one day. Weather if the subject they’re learning is bad/good, they learn what they did. You really can’t control them, its hard. If you restrict them from what they want to do, they’ll find ways to do it. Its the internet, full of different “stuff”. I rarely make ” new friends” on Formspring because most of the people that talk to me on there are my friends. Its just an entertaining place to socialize…

    By the way , 12 workers from Formspring got arrested recently. READ THIS —>>> Formspring Owners Arrested For Planning To Reveal Users’ Identities And Facebook Information

    Here take a look at my Formspring and examine it for yourself. I have over 250+ quetions and statements that I’ve respond too. Look through the sections. (Previous, Next) See how i responded to my weird questions that I be getting.

  • This15yearoldboy.

    All the mean/cruel/nasty/perverted stuff that I always and others be getting. We really don’t care, Its very funny actually. TEENAGERS are TEENS, all this bad stuff we often see around is just whatever. I’m always on formspring, and so does my friends. I’ve seen Anonymous user type stuff that are hurtful, but we DON’T CARE. We respond back with a hateful comment , Like CYBER fighting on the internet.

  • kailey

    well , formspring cause drama & drama lead to suicide or fights . we should shut down the website . or take out the anonymously part & make the kids verify their email so they dont make fake pages . well thats all i gotta say .

  • bailey

    can i ask why you people are going through your childrens computer history… hmmmm

  • Kev

    I disagree completely. I have a formspring and people can choose whether or not to post the comments people write to them. There is a delete button. If they don’t want people to see it, they don’t have to post it. If they post the stuff it means that they don’t care and what people think doesn’t matter to them. Yes it is cyber bulling, but that is found everywhere. I get hateful stuff on mine and I know that the people that write that are from people who are not my friends. I have people stand up for me too, which makes the situation better. Unless your son/daughter is really freaking out about this website, chill out parents.

  • Rebecca

    I have a dilemma that involves this and I need advice.

    I found my sister-in-laws formspring account. Not that I had to look very hard…she posted it on her facebook status and we are friends on facebook.

    To give you some background, I am 24 and married her older brother last year. My sister-in-law is 15.

    Her formspring is litered with bullying and sexual questions….followed by answers by her that are just as appalling. Coming from a very conservative and religious family, I know her parents would be completely appalled and worried sick if they saw this account. Their image of her is completely different than this formspring reflects. I feel like I have to find a way to let them know about this account. Is that within my boundaries or would I be out of line doing that? I really don’t know. I’ve talked to my husband about it and he was shocked too. But if my sister in law found out that WE were the ones to show her parents this account, she would never forgive us.

    Any advice?

    • Ben

      That would be out of line to tell her parents. Teens know about all this stuff anyway, just like adults do. If she didn’t want people to see a question or didn’t want to answer it, she wouldn’t have. It’s really that simple.

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  • Christine Jacobsen

    I saw a high school Formspring page that was just horrendous. Even though our school has a strong firewall, this site was visible in our school. I immediately notified tech and administration and they blocked it. This is the worst use of technology.

  • Nikky

    Really, i agree with richky and bailey. I’m 18, and i have a formspring myself. So does my 15 year old little sister. Our mother knows, and doesn’t have one problem with it. seriously? Teenagers are obviously aware of what they’re getting theirselves into, because they PROBABLY found out about this website from one of their friends; and saw what kinds of things were on their page. So… it’s their own fault if anything in their inbox is mean and hurtful. They knew it was goin to happen. Taking their electronics away? That’s a little harsh, don’t you think? I myself, have one because I want to honestly know what people won’t say to my face. Nothing has been “hurtful” so far, but there are sex questions. But seriously, “sex, drugs, and alcohol” are deffinitely strong topics and acts in this generation, and there’s no stopping it. I’m sorry that the upper generation, as my mother, can’t understand this.

  • Ethel

    I think this website is very dangerous and be SHUT DOWN or at the very least MAKE to user ID themselves. Kids are posting things and putting my daughters name on it. I have no clue what to do.

  • Ashleigh

    I’m 14 with a formspring. Ever since i got it there has been nothing but rude remarks by anonymous haters. The thing is you get the choice to post comments anonymously or showing your username. The thing about it is the comments sometimes make you think, who could this be? then you think, hey it could be my best friend, it could be mary, it could be john, etc. You get paranoid about it. You have the option to report spam in your inbox. Some of the comments are unacceptable and disgusting. Once the person sending the comments to me forgot to press the anonymous button and i found out that it was someone very close to me saying these things. Formspring can be hurtful. But only because of the people abusing the technology. I think everyone should change the settings so that anonymous questions are not allowed.

  • Asianboy.

    All the sexual questions, bullying,..cursings, …all is just all park of a teenage life. They don’t really care if someone ask or give dirty statments and questions to them . They can care less, as long as they’re good, parents are good. Now if they freaking out bout the things they be getting, do what . But we’re teens, come on now. Live up the bad stuff so you can live the good life .

    • Harrie

      That is not true, in 13 a teenager And I really care about bullying,cursing and adult content in what people say to me. I hate the sterotype that teens don’t give one. Formspring almost drove me to sucide!

  • Lori Bedrosian

    I agree with everything you’ve said except that Form Spring SHOULD be shut down.

    How many children have to be abused before this happens?

    Nice of them to finally add an annonymous question block…very much tooo late though!

  • allie

    My names Allie, i recently just disabled my formspring account; i’m 13 years of age. And the questions i was getting were absolutely, barnone ridiculous. Even comments as well, just provanity language; sexual talk &everything. I think it’s completely unsafte for teenagers of any age & i highly suggest you delete it. I know i’m only 13, but theres rummors going around my community that 4 people have been murdered due to formspring & my church notified me to delete mine as soon as i got home. I got some really nice comments/questions, but others were extremeley hurtful and rude. There has been some cases actually of little girls such as myself, killing themselves over these hurtful comments. I personally, would never kill myself. Because, i know how good of a person i am & i know everyone is pretty in their own way, so i’m notgoing to listen to what people have to say, espically if their annonymous.

  • Wesker.

    There’s an option on your Formspring to disable anonymous questions, therefore you HAVE to have an account and you HAVE to post said account name to a persons Formspring if this is disabled- therefore, all of these rude and hateful comments can disappear almost instant with that option. These children wouldn’t be saying these things if it weren’t anonymous.

    Look into things more. Formspring isn’t all that bad, you just have to be smart about it.

  • Macca

    I am a teenager who has a formspring account, as do most of my friends.
    None of us have really experienced any of the sexual questions you have been discussing, but many have been subject to comments indicating that they should kill themselves, or that the deaths of their family members was their fault. This has been terrible for them, but I guess they’ve learnt to be resilient and not care about what cowards think of them.
    Formspring is a website that was made with good intentions, and you’ll find ‘truth boxes’ (similar applications) associated with myspace and other social networking services, the problem that occurs with formspring is a problem found with all internet activity, people behaving innappropriately, and you legitemately cannot expect your children’s school to control this type of behaviour.
    All you can really do is tell your child not to have a formspring if you think its unsafe, and give them praise and compliments to reinforce their self-esteem, honestly, you probably aren’t going to stop your child using formspring, but you can try to explain to them that most people who write negative comments are jealous or idiots.

  • Oliver

    I’m 14 and don’t have a FormSpring. Just about all of my friends have one but I don’t. I find it to be really stupid. Would someone say something positive about you anonymously? Probably not. Would someone say something negative about you anonymously? Absolutely. Once I saw all of my friends getting about at least 90% hateful comments on their FormSpring, I thought to myself, “Why would I want that?”. I’ve seen people who I thought were my “friends” talk badly about me on other people’s FormSprings. At first I got upset but then I realized that if they talk about me negatively behind my back, they shouldn’t be my friend in the first place. It’s all about self respect the way I see it. Now, to all of you helicopter parents ( like as Julie, Kim, and Karen, taking away electronics, shutting down their FormSpring, and ESPECIALLY marching down to the principal’s office to bring up FormSpring will only make your child want to rebel. Sure, your kid may not be the little goodie goodie you thought that he/she was, but you have to accept that. Teenagers are at the age where they think, and are sort of right, that they need to make their own decisions and live their own life. I’m president of student government, drama club president, and a straight A student at my school but I still get invited to crazy parties, have a girlfriend, and I’m in a popular local metal band. As a parent, don’t try to become your child’s best friend or appear as a dictator, but more of a mentor and a laid back person your kid can talk to. My dad and I have a close relationship and he trusts me since I’m Straight Edge. Straight Edge is a lifestyle created for teenagers that says you won’t do drugs, alcohol, or have promiscuous sex, but still have fun and rock out. Before going all out in the punishment field if you find something your child is doing that you don’t like, confront your kid with a simple “What’s up?”. Don’t go into specifics or say you’ve been through their internet history or anything like that. Be as not invasive as possible. If your child says nothing, he/she obviously doesn’t want to talk about it. Just ask again later or try to do more things together as a family like going to the movies, the beach, etc but let him/her invite a friend. Pretend as if you’ve never met your child before and you want to get to know him/her a little better. I hope this helped. Reply to me if you have any other questions.

  • C

    I am 16 years old, and got a formspring account a little while ago. I got nothing but nice comments until a couple days ago when someone wrote that I was “the ugliest human being” they had ever laid their eyes on. I cried myself to sleep that night. All of the self esteem I had gained from the nice comments disappeared after this one comment. I know it was stupid to be so upset about it, and that I was kind of asking for someone to say something mean by creating a formspring in the first place, but it hurt a lot. I have seen some other people’s formsprings from my school and they are absolutely disgusting; however, these kids don’t delete them because they think it makes them look weak. Formspring causes more pain than happiness.

  • Kerra Joe

    I disagree with having to shut down form spring, i know that it has a lot drama going on with it…. but don’t blame it on the site!!! When you join a site, you are supposed to know somewhat about…. also, when your with formspring, it doesn’t have to be connected to facebook or myspace for the whole world to see. It’s your daughter and son who choose to do that. Posting ask me anything all over facebook is obviously going to get peoples attention. I’m 16 years old, I have a formsping, but i don’t use daily like most would. I’m not that interested in what people have to say about me.

    Regardless, if you don’t want you kids on there then please do something about it… get a main computer so you can watch what there doing… that is possible!!

    Also you can’t stop bullying, it will never end… I have been bullied and i have to move on. There’s to much bullying going on in the world, either way with out the internet, there would still A LOT of bullying.

    Don’t forget that’s where most bullies come from, SCHOOL!

    I swear it’s like teachers really don’t care, most teachers care only about themselves and there paychecks. There a many kids in my school that I’m sure get bullied. At the end of the day… we can’t stop it all!

  • sandra

    The problem here is that kids are CHOOSING to go on this site and read all the negative and positive comments about themselves. The problem is that many of these kids aren’t old enough to make a wise decision when it comes to the web. Aside from taking away their personal computers, blackberries, iphones, etc., there’s no way to stop it. I know our forefathers didn’t have this sort of stuff in mind when they talked about free speech.

  • Colin

    I completely agree with what you said. And this so coming from a 15 year old wh has an account on that site. Now, i’m a pretty confident person (without being cocky) and I am able to laugh off the insults that I recieve. That said, I know many people who get very upset with some of the questions they recieve and when ever I ask them “so why don’t you delete it?” they never understand. Who knows what’s going through their head…

  • Samantha

    I am 16 years old and i have a formspings account, i kind of agree with you when you say that it does have hurtfull comments and some of the “questions” they ask is wrong and hurtfull and gross. but i find it in a way to find out what epopel REALLY think about you. if your one of those people whot hink that everyone loves you and then you get a formsping and you get comments saying “stop thininking your perfict” or “your a B****” it makes you relise that not everyone thinks your great. me for example at first i got nice comments, like everyone but then people started saying im a lesbian and to have sex with them and the questions got worse but someof the questions were also getting better. i dont think that formsping means to be a bad site its just they wants everyone to know what people really think about them, its a site where your crush could tell you they like you, if they cant say it to your face. its a site where you can ask a question you always wanted to know.

    If this site wasnt on then people would still be talking behind your back and you will never know what people REALLY think about you. if any of the comments are insulting just laugh ti off because if you know its not true then its not.

  • Anoymous. XD

    Well, I’m in 8th grade. And yeah alot of people have one. Like every other one of my friends have one so that’s alot. Everyone knows about it but some don’t have one because they think it will bring more problems into their life. I would agree. I have one. And so far there has been some drama but I get over it. I don’t think that I would recommend this for kids though because it kind of makes me sad. So does myspace.

  • maria rodriguez

    0kayy…so why is most people sayinq the webstite is bad ? yur kids are the ones makinq accounts…the website is just there && wasnt made for teenaqe kids, so why is the website the problem ? you && your kids are the problems cause they shuldnt be makinq them && yuh shuld be more aware of what they are doinq not now come and blame it on the website.It is very hurtful what people say but thats life && you qonna hear them at some point ! sex is somethinq yur kids talk about aht school EVERYDAYY !!!!! so dont be surprised ! so stop blaminq it on a website cause the ones that shuld be takinq care of the kids are the parents not the websitee !!! so start checkinq on your children more && probably these thinqs wont happen !!!

  • katelynn (15)

    i dont have formspring but i know most of my friends do.
    formspring is a form or cyber bullying but when you sign up for it you’re putting yourself out there for people to judge you and should be prepared for mean comments like i hate you or youre a slut or whatever.
    i know a few people who have had to shut down their formsprings because it just got too out of hand with people getting really mean and saying things they would never say to your face.
    the worst part about formspring, in my opinion, is the fact that your comments can be annonymous.
    this means people wont hold back with what theyre saying.
    there are some good points to formspring though. i enjoy sending my friends nice little messages that can make them smile and finding things out about people i dont really know.

    i think if youre a parent, dont stalk your kids formspring. they deserve some privacy. if youre suspicious theyre doing bad things, just ask them. dont be all creepy about it.

    formspring is a good way to connect with friends and find out about friends but you need to realise when you get it that youre pretty much asking for criticism.

  • Lex

    This is my opinon… 15 and i have a formspring..

    Formspring isn’t bad unless you let it…..delete the questions if you find them mean

    And some of the parents on here seem a little over bearing….why not let your kids have these accounts…..they would make one either way. What some dont get is that we teenagers want freedom and not a parent saying ” if you cant use electronics responsibly you cant have them” thats stupid…whats wrong with cyber bullying anyways?? the person is obviously to scared to tell you in person they dont like you….but still some parents here = to CONTROLLING

  • Kunal

    After reading through much of this thread, i figured i should leave my input.
    I’m also 15 and have a Formspring, Facebook, and Myspace. Honestly, It all goes back to the rooting of the child; the parenting, the exposure, as well as the childs’ ability to grow independently. Formspring is just another form of socializing in our computer based society. It’s really not negative and may be, in many cases positive. I agree that younger age kids are much more sensitive/vulnerable to bullying, whether cyber or in real-life, but again, it goes back to how you raise you’re children, if a negative or harsh remark is made, you’re child should know how to stand up and defend themselves, with honesty and confidence, as they should in the “real” world. Also as stated by others, who are aware of the system, you’re child has total control of what is posted publicly and what questions or remarks are deleted. They also have the choice to not use formspring all together, but if you’re child is aware, and has a smart/independent up-bringing, this should be their choice. Let your children grow, don’t kill the child, just be there for the times they need you, and watch out for the times they are unsteady in life, and continue teaching them good values. simple as that.

  • Dipesh

    Im 18 and i personally have formspring, it is a good thing but if the anonymous part is activated it goes to a whole to another level. I have just recently found out my younger sister who is 14 also has formspring after finding out i have, i managed to find out her formspring name, then when i went on to her page i was utterly shock and appalled the comments from comments saying “your beautiful” to “you dirty whore” and some even worse, it also seems from viewing some of her mates sites i have seen it promotes internet bullying (cyber bullying) and it cant be reported as it is done anonymously.

    The first way i decided to take action is by getting the to deactivate her account but the catch was that you can log in again a re-activate it when ever you like.

    After realising she had done so i decided to take her laptop and mobile phone away from her (and giving her mobile phone when she goes school in case of emergencies). Also she is not allowed to be on the laptop unless she is supervised by her older sister or my self.

    some of you may say this is a bit to much and extreme and she should be allowed to socialise, i do allow her to use facebook and myspace and MSN.

    I have had a talk with her and explained the hazards of it all, i also explained that if she does make sure she asks me before she makes any accounts i will be more likely to let her go ahead, and if she does make any accounts with out permission they will be deleted and i will have to install parental control system and she will not have access to any socialising sites and only access to educational sites.

    If you have any Views on how i handled this please don’t hesitate to e-mail me on

  • Why is Damaging to Our LGBT Youth and Why Its the Perfect Platform for Cyber-Bullying « Kraus Notes

    […] to Kevin Hurt, blogger for Edumacation and teacher in Washington State states in one of his posts on, “Here’s the dilemma: anyone who works with young people can quickly point out that anonymity […]

  • Asianboy.

    I’m mean come on now, we’re teenagers. Everything we do now is well worth it, once u grow up you will ask yourself “Why didn’t I do this” Just remember not to go overboard with all this freedom and fun you have, remember that.. The majority of teens have fun, and do what ever they can too to get that freedom, I say just let them go out ..they’ll learn .

  • Funnnyface

    I have a myspace, youtube, facebook, formspring, a tumblr..etc etc.. This is really all part of teenager life. You can’t stop it from not having it around their surroundings. Cmon, seriously, you stop them from doing this and that .They’ll continue to do it until you will let them.

  • Andrew

    OK……wow. Alright, I’m 20…I had a form spring for a few days and deleted it just because I didn’t really feel like it deserved my time, felt the same way about twitter. I used to have a myspace, I have deleted that, and now I use Facebook. I think the adults in this thread are correct, it can be a very damaging site and I could see how it can be awful to see your 13 year old talk about sex. That would be awful. But its the world.

    But to see all of these 15 year olds telling adults that they know what they are doing, and to let teens live, and to “just let teens be teens and parent them through rough times and blah blah blah” shut up. If you are 15 years old what do you know about raising kids? You couldn’t even support yourself if your parents kicked you out of the house right now.

    And then a parent says I took a way their electronics…and another parent says don’t do that, thats stupid, give her back her stuff, she’ll do it anyway…I mean really???? Does ANYONE have a spine anymore…if you can’t even take a way your kids [stuff] then what can you do. [edited by site]

    I don’t think that there is much of anything that can be done about this site or any ONE way to deal with it, but I completely agree with the parents that its possibly dangerous, and am SO tired of hearing 15 year olds give terrible reasons for why its “mostly” good, and that “they dont get picked on much.”

    I am a Computer Science major and am very aware of many many things about computers and technology. I know how this information can be used against people and better yet what people say to people on these websites. It’s nothing you can stop, but that doesn’t make it right.

  • Lucy

    I am 15 years old and although i don’t own a formspring, i have a lot of friends that do and them owning them almost always ends in tears. You can get anonymous nice questions but the majority of the time people use it as a way to tell others how much they dislike them. It’s horrible and if you’re a person with low self esteem is can be paticularly harmful. If i was a parent i’d most definitely keep my children away from the site. x

  • chloe

    i totally agree with the above comments about formspring being bad. however, i may be contradicting but i do have a formspring, i’m 16 and i feel that it’s some what addicting. it’s interesting because if i really knew who was posting these things, i’d literaly hate them and never want to speak to them again. But you have no idea who they are from, so it makes it interesting like is this what they really think about me? i delete 95% of my mean posts because i just dont know what to say back. i’m thinking im going to delete mine in the next couple days just because it’s hard to hear and see the mean posts like they make you wanna cry! it’s funny that people feel the need to cyber bully others anonymously, these posts could lead to suicide even. I think the jealous stuck up girls who don’t have the nerve to say things to your face are the ones who barracade behind there little laptops and type mean nasty comments. and it should be stopped.

  • TheBeatlesBritishGirl

    im a teenager who uses formspring aswell. And i do not care if i get hateful comments im a tough girl i dont let things get to me and be like a whiney baby poo poo pants and commit suicide..No! strong!..i know the do’s and donts and i know how to take care of myself over the parents have taught me how to be careful on the internet and so on..i really really dont care if i get hateful comments because what inexperianced girls dont get is they can delete them! but noooo there afraid these fucking people who leave them are gonna say there wussy’s..i just dont understand i dont let little stupid things bother me..but thats just me. i thank my parents for raising me to be strong

  • Lara

    wow, what an interesting thread 🙂 I’m 15 as well, and i too have a formspring account. i know exactly what you’re talking about, what with the abuse/bullying. personally, i know exactly what it’s like as well, with many of my questions being abuse. and this isn’t just the abuse that’s like, ‘you’re ugly’ or ‘i hate you’, it’s full on stuff that could potentially be very hurtful. I myself am not really affected by it, as I have a fair knowledge of the one or two people that the comments are coming from. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it: Formspring is not the problem, society in general is. I don’t think it’s fair to state that formspring ‘encourages’ bullying, as it doesn’t, it is the immaturity of today’s teenagers that encourages it.
    I like the site, nonetheless, I find it interesting and quite often amusing. Although, of course, I believe it is up to one’s self to think about if they’re really ready for it: it is common knowledge that bullying occurs on it frequently, so someone has to think about whether or not they could cope with that before they sign up. as horrible as it may seem, i think that if you’re easily hurt and you get yourself a formspring, you should have known what could have potentially happened.
    and also, one last comment, which i hope won’t cause offence: parents, why on earth would you threaten/ground/tell your children off for this? they are not the abusees, they are the ones getting bullied. it isn’t their fault at all, so i dont think you should be confiscating their things; it makes them feel as though they were to blame for the things that OTHER people say. i know this, because if my parents ever found my formspring, they would do exactly that (as they have done such thing finding that i had been bullied before) and i would feel that way. don’t blame your child for the immaturity of others. also, sometimes ‘deleting’ or ‘not responding’ to the question could make the situation worse, giving the people the ability to say that you are a wuss or that you ‘know that you deserve it’.

  • Allie

    Hello, I’m actually a 13 year old girl, and I have a Formpring page. So, although it’s probably not what you want to hear, yeah, lot’s of people use Formspring. And there’s lots of language, and lot’s of sexual things. But, I will admit, that’s how it as anywhere you go these days, right? Like, yeah, I know it’s not what parents want to see their kids doing, but it’s gonna happen, whether things are said over the internet or in real life. I mean, one thing you must realize, although you may disagree, we’re a lot more responsible than you give us credit for. We know what we’re saying, and we knwo what the consequences could be, okay? Honestly, I think that it’s not a big deal, and this site is a part of the world that I live on, and I haven’t expierienced any problems with it, it’s just another website. We know what to say and what not to say.

  • Sharda

    Im in grade 8 and I have formspring. To be honest its really stupid and funny the comments that people leave behind for you , you say you will never look some kids in the same way again, well thats how most kids are we have a very diffrent attitude when we speak to adults , mostly its a fake attitude and thats just some kids showing there true colors. but everyone has haters you should see my formspring its really disturbing if an adult were to see it. But I have it because I want to know what people have to say about me , and if your someone that can’t handle what people have to say then disable your formspring. simple as that

  • Sean

    Hi, I’m 16, and yes, i do have a formspring. I’m quite happy with it though, as all i happen to be getting at the moment is nice comments, with a few mean ones. The mean ones, however, I can deal with, as I have a thick skin against that sort of stuff. However, my girlfriends formspring is another matter altogether. Every day she gets upwards of 10 questions, that are really statements on the lines of “that dress makes you look like a slut, you’re just an attention grabber, first X then Y then Sean, you really get around don’t you?” (feel free to block out bits of that if you want). She is one of the most timid people i know. She hates attention. She is actually quite beautiful, but she just will not admit it. Because she has constantly, over the last 4 years, been told that she isn’t good enough in every aspect of her life. And that means that every day, i’m fighting an uphill battle to keep her self esteem up. Some days I can’t, but it helps.

    This website is destroying her. Myself and another friend have to ask her questions, and basically attack the cowards posing that stuff anonymously, because if we don’t no-one will. Nothing good is coming of this site.

  • R

    Im 14 and I do not have a formspring account myself but many of my friends do. Personally i think the site is just an online, anonymous bullying forum. All of my friends pages have tonnes of abuse, yet none of them have thought to terminate their accounts? Formspring seems to me like a very bad idea. :/

  • woah

    Okay, I’m only fifteen and i understand what you people are saying. I dont have children so i can’t comprehend on some stuff, but all i want to say that you have to be a very weak minded person to take what people say on the internet seriously. People love putting other people down it’s nature, they’ll do it and person and on the internet there is nothing to stop it. I have one, i get good comments along with bad comments. But i dont let what the internet says interfere with my life, and no i really have no self confidence or self esteem not matter how many times i hear im pretty. I just dont care what the world says anymore.

  • G.

    I’m 17 and have a formspring. I’ve never had a problem with horrible or very innapropriate messages, most likely because I don’t share my formspring around (posting it on facebook etc.) only those who I know have my formspring and ask me questions. I do agree though that this site can be dangerous and used to cyber bully though. If you have kids with formspring, you don’t neccesarily have to make them delete their account, but there are a few things you can make them do with it to make it safer and a better experience. Somewhere in the settings you can make it so only people that are logged in can ask questions (which means if you’re getting lots of horrible messages you can block this person when they ask a question) and you can make it that their formspring page doesn’t allow anonymous questions. Formspring is just a way for people to lash out at others while hiding behind a veil, but like all the other social networking sites if responsibility and maturity is used it can make the experience a whole lot better. My group of friends and I have fun using this site safetly, so hopefully that’s proof that it’s not bad for everyone.

  • Abby

    I’m 14, a girl and i have formspring too.
    I have had some nasty comments, however i find it much easier to get over. I am one of the neediest people and I have little confidence in myself, yet I really don’t feel upset by these comments. In my opinion, if they are too cowardly to show their names, (which you can do) then they don’t deserve to upset you. I find them funny in truth; I got one the other day simply saying: “frankenstein’s wife called, she wants her face back…” I posted it, i think it’s important that people aren’t alone in what get told. I simply replied with comments that i found it funny etc. I’ve not had any spiteful comments since, probably because they know they’ve not upset me. Since then, i’ve had comments from all my friends telling me that person was pathetic, not to worry, because no-body else thought that, i got so many compliments! I didn’t mind to begin with, but if i had, those comments sure would have cheered me up. 🙂 Parents probably wouldn’t understand their children still liking the site, and even though many do get upset, i think it is a valuable life lesson; people may not like you and people may say nasty things to you, but you just have to ignore them and take the moral highroad. I have been bullied in the past, so i may have been less susceptible to these things, but in truth I really don’t get upset. The confidence boost you get when your real friends stick up for you is amazing. 🙂

  • jenna

    im 15 and own a formspring account. formspring has made me cry on many occasions but i still cannot bring myself to delete my profile i have almost become adicted to see what people are saying but regret it each time when im close to tears. i think the website should just be deleted and i think everyone would feel happier within themselves.

    • Caitlynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

      I Think You Should Email Formspring.
      Make Another Account If You need To, To Contact them You Know?
      The Founders Of Formspring Each Have Their Own Formspring.
      I’ve Asked Them Formspring Related Questions And They Just DELETED THEM.
      So I’m Guessing They Aren’t Too Helpful Of a Bunch. :L
      But You Should Send Me A Link Of Your Daughter’s Hacked Account, So I Can Report Them. I’ve Reported Someone Before And It Has Deleted That Person’s Account.
      If You Have Any More Questions, Just Reply 😀
      CAIO .. FOR NOW O.O

  • jan

    My daughters account was hacked into in the last 36 hrs and lots of horrible “questions” and “answers” have been posted. Past the point of being hurtful, very dangerous stuff to a 13 year old. If anyone has info on what I should do please let me reply to this. I want the girls who did this to know what they did was wrong. Does anyone know if they can pull the ip addresses used?? I have sent an email to formspring hoping they help but I know I have to do more to help my daughter. She is going into high school and is going to have a rough freshman year with all the stuff that was said. I feel so bad for her!!! HELP PLEASE

    • h.

      Have her delete all responses and disable her site. . Empower her by giving her the control to pull out of this dreadful site and encourage her to cultivate friendships with girls who do not participate on venues that hurt others. She needs your guidance, formspring is way too damaging for the fragile ego of a 13 yr old.
      Stop worrying about what others do; it is your daughter’s character that matters and you have more influence with her than you think.

  • Celine

    Wow, this was quite an interesting read. It’s interesting reading and understanding all your points of views, but in the end it basically comes down to “I’m against Formspring” and “I’m for Formspring”

    As I go through the comments, I notice mostly that it’s parents, mothers and teachers who are against the website. Most of you kept talking about your daughter or your students and all of the abusive comments they’re receiving.

    In my opinion, you have to stop and think about what you’re doing before you plan on taking action. Did you ever stop to think that your child, or your student made the account themselves.

    If they can’t take the comments/questions they’re receiving they shouldn’t have made a Formspring in the first place. If they stared to get offended by the comments/questions then they could have deleted their accounts. It’s completely up to them whether they choose to have formspring or not and its up to them to decide whether they want to keep their accounts.

    Teens will be teens and you cant stop them from creating these accounts. I have a formspring myself and I particularly enjoy it. Some of the posts can be offending but I choose to ignore them.

    Everyone is rebellious at some point in their life and you cant stop the people from taking a few risks.

    Shutting down the website won’t make a difference because people will still talk and knowing the technology these days a newer site is bound to pop up

    Let them enjoy it, if they get hurt by it, then should just de-activate it and not ruin it for the ones that do want to keep their accounts.

  • Danielle

    Some of you commenting on this saying that tweens and teenagers are bullying other classmates and that this website is enabling them. The fact of the matter is though, if young people want to say something mean, they will find a way to do it. I am not saying that I agree with that or that it is a good thing, but it is true. Even before all of these new Social Networking sites came into view, students could write a note with their non-dominant hand and slip it into another’s locker. That is pretty much the same as anonymously posting a comment or question on formspring. Yes, it would not be public, but if a student wanted it to be, I am positive that they would figure out a way to do so. If anyone has ever seen the movie Mean Girls, or if you have gone to the average high school, you know that some teenagers will do anything to put another down. So the issue at hand is much larger than Formspring and other sites similar to it. The overall problem is the teenagers themselves. And I happen to be 14 so I am currently in the middle of all of the “cyber-bullying” and such.


    Follow the above link. Not all sites are absurd. This is a page I created a few days ago, ironic to how now I find people discussing their opinion should be blocked, etcetera.

    Don’t blame a website for someone’s actions. Your daughters and sons were not forced into signing up, responding AND posting comments, answering bluntly to inappropriate sexual comments, or caring too much what others think. What happened to common sense? Given the chance to say everything you feel while being anonymous is sure to stir up some drama. This is something they should have considered before clicking ‘sign up’.

  • Lele

    i’m 13 years old and i am on formspring and have been for many months . my parents don’t know and i don’t have my full name, or cell number . the only thing i have is the state i live in . like myspace and facebook which i also use, you should be allowed on social sites as long as you’re responsible . a lot of people say negative things about me on but i’m the kind of girl with a very high self esteem . i’m not conceited but i love myself and know my flaws . i don’t care what people think of me . it’s none of my business . but as long as you can handle what social sites bring, you should be fine and allowed to use them .

  • corey

    Formspring is not a bad site it allows kids to express there feeling towards people wihtout getting into trouble with parents or teachers and you do not have to ask the questions annonymously you are able to show youre username so you may want to think twice about posting lies

  • Margaret

    I loathe formspring with a passion.

  • madison

    HAHAHA FORMSPRING IS AWESOME, well until the old guys start hitting on me. i find it funny how many people all of a sudden hate me on formspring but when i’m in school or out everyone loves me. PEOPLE ARE TWO-FACED, so what. no big deal.

  • Jaden

    If u cant take what people cant say to your face dont get a formspring. easy as that. and LET TEENS BE TEENS. i mean they no what there geting into when they get one …. unlike most adults think we know what ppl are going to put on there. we dont need our mommys grounding use cuss we deside to get one? like wtf??

  • concerned mom

    My 16-yo daughter is being bullied — by her “so-called” friends on Formspring. I told her to shut it down, but she just changed her name….like all the kids do. Before there was only a few negative comments, but it seems one (or more) of her “friends” have decided to go at her.

    I can narrow down to just a few kids who it may be because my daughter belongs to dance team and the nasty comments are only about things that her fellow same-age dancers would know.

    Because she dances at such a high level (5 days a week 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. most nights and all day Saturday) she really does not interact with her school friends very much and these comments took place over the summer…when she has only interacted with dancers.

    The comments are usually “we ALL agree….you (are a bad dancer, have a fat ass, are cocky, blow off your friends for your nasty boyfriend, think you can dance but we laugh at you, have no friends because you have changed, think you are so hot, ha!) and on and on.

    Over the past year my daughter improved SO much….suddenly she was winning dance titles (3 last year which is a lot for the competition dance world) and placing either first, second or third in these competitions (and she was the youngest in her age category). At first she was the underdog and EVERYONE was so excited for her….but as she kept getting better and better and better and winning more and more….people went from excited to outward resentment.

    Several more big honors came her way (including being cast in a music video) and suddenly is wasn’t “oh, isn’t that nice….she is finally doing well” but hate messages and the cold shoulder.

    The dance season is starting again and people will be vying for dance spots…..she ONLY has dance friends and it tears her apart that the people she thought she was closest too would use this forum to spew garbage at her. She is so hurt….. BUT she WON’T shut the formspring page down. She says she should at least know what they think instead of being surprised. I keep finding the site and she keeps changing her name. I am at my wits end!!

  • ivan

    i myself hav an account and im 16, yes most comments and post could b disturbing but most teens like myself hav gotten mean comments and questions but we know better than to take them seriously. and for those who hav low self esteem they culd delete ther account if they want. and for the parents out ther i kno 4 a fact ur all jus lookin out for ur child nd ifu do c dey r havin a problem with da site jus sit and tlk with them nd if u actally c ur child aswerin baq sexual comments/questions, 90% r actually liein so dnt take it so seriously nd if u do dnt get baq by takin away electronics, jus talk 2 them believe me it ay b awkward 4 both of u but in the end ur teen mite thank u

  • anonymous

    whats’s e-mail account? i need to e-mail them . thx in advance 🙂

  • Finley-Marie

    OH MY GOD! If teens don’t like the messages they are getting, then they can DELETE THEIR FORMSPRING!
    jeeeeez, why don’t you just wrap your kids in cotton wool? I have been abused on formspring. so what? these people don’t dare say it to my face, then their opinion is invalid.
    when you sign up to formspring, you know it won’t all be sunshine and rainbows. You’ll get abuse.
    The anonymity is the intriguing part of it.
    Stop trying to ruin our fun, I won’t be able to be a secret admirer to the person I like anymore.

    It’s not all abuse. I got a message the other day and guess what……… wait for it….. it was nice! :O shocking!

  • Meredith.

    Im 13 and i have answered over 800 questions ; all of them hateful or sexual . You learn you get over it , and sometimes the attention makes you laugh , it teaches you that people are mean and you have to move on. You do know there IS an option to BLOCK anonymous comments? dont take electronics away just becuase you dont use safety features.

  • OldFormspringUser

    I’m in grade 8 right now, and last year I had formspring it was ok and i only got a few hate comments. But formspring is still an AWFUL idea of a website. Thats why I disabled it. Now people who live near me are starting to get formspring and it seems that everyone whether there popular or not has formspring! When I look at someones formspring it makes it really easy for me to judge this person by what people say and how they answer the questions. Also you should see some of the stuff written on people formspring. I mean, were teenagers, we already have a lot of stress from school, friends, gossip etc. When you have formspring it adds even more stress knowing that people think this about you. The fact that all the questions can be annoymous is even WORSE. This site was clearly designed for hate.

    There also has been many reports on teens commiting suicide because of this website. @Tabatha I hope you realize that even though your formspring has no hate comments and your ok with deleting them, it really sticks with the person and some questions are absolutely awful!

    Also this website, people ASSUME things. They will think that a certain person wrote a question when no one knows who wrote it. I have had a lot of problems with this.

    Recently on formspring there has been questions that people write about other people, which creates more bullying too! I’ve also noticed everyone in my area answering there highschool like its no big deal. Well it is a big deal there is creapos out there lurking formsprings.

    I just hate the idea of this website
    – 12 year old (im turning 13 soon 😉 )

  • jenny

    im 15 and i own a formspring to. and i totally agree! like formspring is someplace where u go and ask questions. but i think its stupid how people go and just say rrude comments to people! its just not right people have killed themselfs because of it. i get rude comments on daily. and idk why but i never have the guts to delete it either idk why i even go on it still. somtimes i get good comments but most of the time its just all rude comments. and the most stupid thing about this is that people say things but they dont even have the guts to show who they are. and also it being anonymous also is what is stupid about it! why do they alow it. just atleast take off the anonymous. i think bullying is really stupid! and cyber bullying to

  • javierforbes

    im 14, i’ve got formspring and i find it very amazing and addicting, when im not on it on my computer and i am using it on my phone, nearly everyone in my class has it and the teacher’s are aware of it as some teacher’s ban the use of the word in their lesson’s but at the end of the day its up to people if they want to have formspring or not. Yeah sure i get plenty of harsh comments on it but its a useful too if you want to ask someone a question but you dont want to say it to their face. And to the parent’s who disagree with it it is very simple to close your account.

  • h.

    Come on parents, get some gumption! I discovered my daughter’s account because it was on my FB recent posts. She obviously forgot that i am her friend since I never post on her wall. i was appalled by what I read- not her responses but by the sexual nature of so many questions. really gross and really crude. the anonymity is the most dangerous thing about formspring. my 15 yr old girl gave away enough personal info about our family that she would have been easy to find- all to a perfect stranger! girls especially can become fair game for predators. not to mention what a time sucker it is (as if FB alone isn’t enough). She has over 750 friends- is that not enough?! yes, it is.
    The mean girl stuff is bad but that was not an issue in my case. However, it is too easy to become a part of a thread that may be very harmful to another kid unintentionally. It is sad that kids who do get harassed stay on the site to take that abuse. I cannot understand why any parent thinks teenager means grownup! my daughter has plenty of freedom and I trust her but I don’t trust anonymous people who may well not be who they say they are.
    After a discussion with her and her father I watched as my daughter deleted each question, then disabled the site. She said she didn’t realize the dangers before we all talked. And she understood that we are not choking her need for independence, we are watching out for her safety. That’s a parent’s job.
    Later I saw that she posted on FB this comment:
    FORMSPRING: dumbest thing I ever did. don’t do it.
    My sentiments exactly.

  • 13yearold

    I am 13, and a guy, and this whole page has given me laughs :3, the main reason we use formspring is to laugh at hate comments and get happy on nice comments :), i have gotten at least 3 or more hate comments already and i just laughed because they are so funny, we know about Cyber-bullying and everything, and to you teachers so you know, we never learn from teachings about how dangerous sites like this are.

    I say keep it up, let us laugh, let us smile, let us be.

  • Oliver James

    Over protectiveness if I ever did see it?. Lets take this from a tenuous view point, Time not spent on electronics could be spent on something more dangerous?.
    But seriously. People abuse people in real life?. Are you going to stop that? How do you plan to stop sniggering and rumours?. You can’t. If your child isn’t exposed to criticisum how do you expect them to deal with it

  • Rich

    I too found out about this site after checking my 14 year old daughter’s web history. My heart dropped and I was immediately scared about my daughters safety as more and more probing questions about explicit sexual preferences, very personal questions about her good friends, feelings about “cutting”, suggestions about meeting, details about the house, and the sharing of her cell phone number .. all anonymously.

    After I caught my breath after thinking the worst, I first wondered how to deal with this. I spoke to my wife and we decided to turn to our daughter’s counselor and her school counselor. I had copied the entire post into a document. Once the counselors read the content they suggested we quickly speak with the School Resource Officer stationed at the school. Our daughter’s counselor and the officer had not heard about Formspring but were very concerned about how this tool could negatively impact the younger kids. But also thought there was no immediate danger. All were proud of the way she seemed to deflect some very disturbing advances however.

    Two days later, we approached our daughter along with the counselor and had a frank but calm conversation. At first she could not see the harm in this kind of thing and that she did no wrong. After pointing the obvious dangers and the level of seriousness because of the involvement and support from the counselors and police officer she began to see where we were all coming from . We are very disappointed that a “light” had not gone off in her head and bring this up to us or at least back off. I’m sure it has something to do with the break-up we are going through combined with her age. The people who are defending the website are either older or stronger to turn away and say no. The kids that are using this are not pushing away. “They are getting drawn into it and can’t get out”, my daughter later stated.

    I simply cannot see anything good about this website especially if you are a parent. Being a 14 year girl is tough enough but having to deal with outside anonymous extremely negative influence with no care for the other person can be down-right dangerous!

    How ironic is it that the day we confronted our daughter about this difficult issue was the day the elections were held for school student council President. After returning back to school, thinking about what we had said, she came to a realization that this is a terrible website. She’s decided one of the first things she is going to do as Student Council President is to launch her own information campaign and conduct sessions about how damaging the website can be. Unaware that my daughter had her own plan, I too was thinking during a very long bike ride that I needed to do something to help prevent other parents having to go through what we went through. I’ve decided to work with school, the local police force and local government to help inform people about the risks.

    As with so many of these episodes, there is a bit of a silver lining. Elements related to self-esteem, anger about the break-up from the exchanges online brought up some hidden feelings that my daughter was feeling that had not appeared with us or the counselor before. Furthermore I’ve been searching for a “cause” in an effort to give back in some way, looking for something I can do to make a difference and help. I think I have found my cause. My daughter and I are working towards a common goal to help prevent people being hurt down the road from the malicious use of the internet. I’m the early stages of putting together a plan but if anyone is interested in joining forces I’d like to know. (I’m not sure how – concern re the exchange of personal contact info) I think this is about to be a huge issue and a lot of people aren’t even aware ….

  • James

    Right im 16 and I use formspring so do the majority of my friends; some think its stupid and pointless while others such as myself find it interesting and rather amusing. I do not mean to be rude or offend others but i get comments like “I would like to F**k your mother” or “im going to beat you up and stab you” its like yeahh right like thats really going to happen? even more mellow comments about my appearance or personality have been made and quite frankly if your offended by a comment off an ANONYMOUS person then your pretty weak because why should you take to heart what a nobody says?
    I think all you worried parents need to relax as Formspring is a useful tool for friends or shy people to openly praise, compliment and show their affection for others. while for the idiot ones (not evil, rude, perverted or ones known as “cyber bullies”) it is to upset people, negative comments should not be taken to heart because the person whos saying it doesnt have the balls to say it to your face.
    Taking something away from your child like that is basically PUNISHING them for getting called a name or being called a “slag”, which isn’t fair as what have they really done wrong?! Your not protecting them your just ruining and putting your relationship with your child at risk. If your so worried about your child being bullied and threatened by others on Formspring, don’t you appear as a threat to them yourselves by taking things away from them!
    Some parents simply don’t understand how to bring up children properly, your from a different era and really need to listen to the educated children of today if you want any sort understanding of reality.
    Don’t take this as criticism, but as advice. As a teenager myself my independence is very important to me and expressing how you feel to your parents can be hard, so yeah i’ve done the job for them. Listen to it.

  • erin

    hi. i’m 14 years old and in the 9th grade. i get what you guys are saying, but you need to look for the good things.

    its pretty much just like facebook…… facebook has all of the same capabilites. check your kids honestybox. it gives you the option of having a one on one conversation with the anonymous.
    thats alot worse….

    i get the privacy things an issue, but you dont have to put down your town. its an option. so dont blame the website, blame the kid.

    and there are settings such as blocking anonymous questions and being able to reject following requests. which means that you can choose who can ask you questions and if you get a nasty anonymous, you’ll probably know who its from….

    and you only get nasty questions if you make yourselves known. like i think a fair amount of peopl.e know i have a formspring, but i’m not bitching about people on other pages, so noone feels the need to be rude to me…..
    i know alot of kids that have formspring problems, but they bring it upon themselves………. and theyre like eighth graders. as you get older, less people write mean things on formspring. its like, a fact.

    i dont think parents should take things away. i think there should be monitering and restrictions, but if you delete the account, thats weak and you need to let your kid solve their own problems. if they think its serious they’ll tell someone. but feel free to secretly moniter their account (you could make an account and follow them, they’ll never know) when they get suicidal or get deaththreats, intervine. but if its just like “i hate you” or “dont be mean to jenny” its a learning experience and it will make them stronger.

    if they really think you should know, they would have told you themselves.

    so i’m very kindly trying to say….. backk offffffff 🙂

  • megan

    People are rediculous on formspring. I am 18 years old and I have one. Look me up search “meggo16” its all a joke to me though 😉

  • Jodie

    I am 12 years old and have Formspring. i want it to get closed down and to never be brought up again! its a bully website. People also create annonoymous account so they dont have to put annonoumous. It has been said several times that Formspring is going to uncover the annonoymous questions which will pretty much ruin childrens friendships with others die to what they have written annonomously and to be honest i have written stuff but i regret it all and i dont want my friendship with others to be ruined because of one silly post!

  • Amanda

    Formspring is for fun but obviously people say cruel things because of the anonymous feature.

    When you sign up for Formspring you have to know that people might say mean things and things that will hurt you. If you feel like you cant handle this then dont get Formspring. Simple as that.

    If you are strong enough to handle any comments then great. To be honest I have Formspring and I have only recieved 2 mean posts. That is all. I moved on as soon as I deleted it. All the rest are funny and to be honest if you get sexual questions it is as a JOKE not someone being serious with you.

    Formspring doesnt deserve to be shut down. Dumb kids who cant handle what they get themselves into shouldnt be on Formspring at all. But to shut it down for those who cant handle it? Thats ridiculous! Grow up people.

    If your child is crying from Formspring then tell them to deactivate it and teach them that sites like this arent for those who dont take critism well.

    But really kids know what will happen when they sign up and if they cant handle it then it is their fault for signing up in the first place. Formspring should not be shut down for some kids who cant handle what they got themselves into.

    Be strong and get it, or dont sign up and dont complain.

  • i had to say something

    I am sixteen and i have a formspring, I get hateful mail all the time. It does not upset me because half of it is just rumors. I like people to ask it because i clear the air. If the teenager answers the questions maturely they have done nothing wrong. In high school you are always being talked about, he said she said is everywhere. Boys and Girls fight on facebook and formspring, but if you are mature you just ignore it.
    I think people are freaking out because they do not want their child to answer questions about their sexual past and things of that nature. Well think to when you were in high school. Did you do sexual things? It is a part of growing up. It is no need to be mad at your child, once it is done it is done. You have to remember when you were growing up and let your child make some of his or her own mistakes.

  • Ayyana

    I am a teenager who owns a formspring account. My parents just recently found out about my page and they were rather shocked at some of the questions I have received, and admittedly, answered. A driving force that makes students answer these insults and hateful remarks is the fact that they would be teased even more if they had my answered them. Stay with me here. It makes sense: Whenever I get menacing comments, I would rather answer them than have the person who asked it say I was too scared to answer. They would make fun of you for ignoring it… Trust me. For example: someone asks “why are you so fat?” You would rather reply than get another question two days later saying “haha you don’t want people to know that you’re fat so you didn’t answer.” This is coming froma teen’s point of view, and I completely disagree with the cutting teens off. It makes them more cunning and willing to find other ways to satisfy their need of social interaction

  • Ni Le

    I hate formspring, I have one, and I constantly get emails that someone else is calling me an ass or an Emo or an attention whore because I have chronic migraines so I prefer black and other neutrals, and because I wear my eyeliner crazy to follow my personal spirituality. I’m getting sick of it.

  • Harrie

    I had a formspring as I am 13, everyone has one. I’ve been badly bullied on mine. Sexual content, rumors, people saying things about me which are true but I don’t want everyone to know, name calling. It’s horrible! The worst thing is that I don’t know who any of it is….. I think this site needs to be shut down and quickly

  • Toby

    How old do you have to be to join formspring?

  • Adam

    I believe another issue is that this kind of anonymous bullying can be done between formspring users about a person who does not have an account. Allowing anonymous cyberbullying gives people who wouldn’t normally bully publicly to have an outlet for bullying without the fear of getting caught. This can seriously exacerbate the already widespread problem. That being said, the answer should not involve pulling down the site (which is akin to book banning) but rather to educate people on these new media. The bullying problem is awful, certainly, but maintaining a technological status quo just isn’t possible. We have to be willing to adapt.

  • Fredricka George

    Im 14 years old. My best friend had an account. I suggested agains it. She was allready in the dumps with her parents getting a divorce.. I thought that it would be too much for her. She was a very fragile girl.. Who took things very personally… Thats what i loved about her! ❤ she was so… Sweet… and caring!
    Several people ganged up on her… They said some of the most hurtful things i have ever seen. I stood up for her. i did everything in my power.
    After a month of the bullying at school.. And on the formspring page. She killed herself. Im not saying it was all of formsprings fault. Because it simply wasnt. It was her parents problems too.. But i KNOW deep down in my heart that that was what pushed her over the edge.

    My point is that.. Im not telling you to discontinue your childs use of the website. If they really want to get to it. They will. Im saying.. Tell them they can have it.. But PLEASE. check the answers… before they look. And if bullying does get through… Explain to them that its not true. This stuff really can hurt a person. In a way that is un fixable.


    The reply above shows just how naive teenagers can be. My 14 year old daughter has just come home and told me the following. One of the girls in her year, who’s dad has just died had the following posted – anonymously of course – on Formspring.

    You dad died – you deserve it. I have two parents, what do you have?

    So how are you supposed to rise above this evil bile? How is she going to get over that? What kind of person does this – and what sort of parents do they have. Formspring should not provide a platform for this. End of.

  • cynic

    i’m 16 and have a formspring account. while i agree that it is often used to hurt people, i also find it very useful if i need to ask someone a question which i would be embarrassed to ask in person, such as if they are seeing anyone and stuff like that. yes, i get hurtful comments too but in a way it only feeds my ego – i know these comments aren’t true (for example i was called a slut once but i’ve never even kissed a boy before) therefore i can deduce that these people are just jealous, and if they’re jealous that means i am better than them.
    i also believe that if you create a formspring account, you must be prepared for the fact that you will probably get hurtful comments. i think this kind of crap only makes you stronger – if you are suicidal over this, how will you ever go through life?

  • Teenager2

    I have a formspring have had one for some time and if u get Nast or roud comments it is insulting but u get over it and with the nasty comments I have heard so much worse my dome boys at my school even regarding me to my face I just ignore all these comments and there is acoount settings so that u can block people and have ur age and any thing else hidden and I do see the concern of parents but if you take away the iPod theyyle

  • will

    im sorry too hear all these comments. Now whilst i do agree in most respects that this site can be used to feed nasty comments without getting caught, it is the childs decision if they want an account or not. And im sure they will be aware of the fact that someone somewhere is going to send a hateful comment/s. I also think that the amount of patronising that goes on on this forum is less than approving. Kids can make their own decisions. Fair enough if the child concerned is 11 years old or below. But by 12 they are starting(in most cases) to mature and should therefore be able to decide themselves on what internet content they wish to view. This does NOT include material of a sexual nature.

  • Sindi

    Formspring is a horrible site. Don’t care what anyone says. Just in the last two months two children from where I’m from have committed suicide, over the cyber bullying they have received on formspring, Yes it’s easy to just delete, but these are impressionable kids! The creator of this site needs to monitor what the hell is going on before another child take their life. It’s easy for adult say it’s no big deal, if you don’t like the post delete, Teenagers take those kind of hurtful comments to heart! Enough is enough, and it’s time for parent to be more vigilant with what their children are doing online!!!

  • Tracey McGill

    Something needs to be done about this website, it has been around for quite some time now and whilst anti-bullying campaigns are at their highest, Formspring seems to slip under the raider and rarely gets mentioned, although in my opinion is the most damaging site BY FAR!! My 15 year old daughter is currently being bullied with the majority of it stemming from anonymous posts via Formspring, both on her own account, and that of others. She too, like the teenager above says that it would be worse for her to not have posted her questions, as she would be harassed even further for coming across as scared. No good can come from this site in my opinion.

  • h.

    I was lucky, discovered my 15 yr old daughter was on formspring (via link on her FaceBook page) after only 3 days. I was appalled, and concerned. We talked about it and she deleted her moniker and all posts on threads that day. Just say NO. And also, being a friend of hers on FB has always been part of the privilege of having FB. I don’t post on her wall but I monitor what she has links to, etc. TAKE SOME CONTROL OR TAKE IT AWAY. And I embrace all efforts to shut down formspring.

  • Kristen

    I totally agree with your statement that anonymity nearly always breeds irresponsibility. I work with high school students and I have seen the dangers that formspring has posed recently. This site makes cyber-bulling to easy for students to participate with. If you can’t say something to someone’s face then you shouldn’t say it at all. Anonymity allows kids to say things they would never say to someone face. Teachers and parents need to be aware of this site and talk to their children about it.

  • Harriet

    I’m a 16 year old girl and I’ve got Formspring as well, my parents don’t really know much about my internet life really. If they did they would probably take away my laptop and phone etc. Just what most parents would do.

    When I first got an abusive message on Formspring I was pretty hurt, but I did fight back at them, which made it worse. I also think that some teenagers answer these nasty questions for attention from other people because you don’t have to answer them, you can block that person and you can not allow people send you anonymous questions as well. I did like the attention and thrill I got from other people at first I admit, but now I hardly go on it. I’ve deleted all my nasty questions and only answer nice ones.

    Formspring wasn’t created for bullying. It’s not the only site where bullying happens anyway. If you want to stop bullying, stop being human.. not saying I’m not against bullying, but everyone does it.. I’ve bullied someone and I’m not proud of it.

    and may I point out that you lot are bullying each other.. by what ‘Tabatha’ said and then what ‘Wally’ said, that was bullying in my opinion.

    I’d never give my mobile number out though, I’ve also never answered any questions about my sex life.

    I think this site can be good though, it’s made me realize what people really think of me, so I’ve come to not care about rumours and bitchiness at school anymore, I suppose in some way it’s given me more confidence and matured me a lot more.

    That’s my opinion on it anyway, I do understand how angry parents would be, and want to close the site down, but I think you should talk to your teenager about it first, taking away all their electronics, etc. Will not help, it’s ‘suffocating’ them..

    Sorry if I have offended anyone in this comment! But it’s my personal opinion.. I respect all of yours, so please respect mine.

  • Terri

    After 4 very long months months watching my 14 year old self destruct, I found her formspring accout. This discovery was the final piece of the puzzle. It broke my heart to see what kind of verbal abuse, harassment and bullying she had been going through. We are now working hard to repair the damage. I never thought my daughter would ever have to go through this. Let me be clear, formspring is only 1 of many websites that allows vulgarity,, obsenities, name calling etc. So does facebook through their IM. I believe these websites are 100% accountable for ensuring they have software that picks up on key words and either deletes it or fines the users, especially since most of this behavior is happening with teens. It is absolutely time for parents to change how our youth interacts with social media and holds these sites to a higher standard.

  • Teenager

    Listen, all the parents saying that Formspring is bad…you’re all wrong! You can’t judge it unless you actually have one, which you don’t. If you did you would know that questions get flagged if they have mean words in them, you can delete them before even reading them! You can make your account unable to recieve anon questions. Also, the “self centered” part, is totally wrong! It’s just building self esteem: something teenagers lack and need to get built up by people they would least expect it from. I’ve gotten girls I thought were pretty telling me I was! And the mean questions, as bad as they are they help you learn. There’s this girl that could be the “popular girl” , but she’s been getting mean questions. It makes me realize that she may act stuck up or spend way to much time on her looks,but its because people were being mean to her. Also, you have to realize not everyones going to like everyone. You adults cant just filter the world of bad or mean things online or in person. Sure, we’d want to reduce it, but you can’t just clear the world of it, once we grow up and move on to jobs and such we’ll have to learn to deal with mean people. Kids who do have formsprings and parents who are getting upset, stay out of it. If it really bothered them THAT much they would have deleted their page by now. Those who are critizing others for having it, stop. It’s their opinion and their life. There’s nothing wrong with Formpspring.

  • Teenager

    Honestly, Formsrping is a CHOICE. No one made your kid make a Formpsring. Even after they did they have the CHOICE to delete it, report it, ect. If you can’t take the heat stay outta the kitchen.

  • Another Teen (14)

    I agree with teenager,
    Formspring, when used by sensible people, can actually be effective and interesting. People get to ask questions they wouldnt usually ask because of shyness. People also can find out about people they dont know, and have judged harshly because they dont know them.
    I agree that when used by some stupid teenagers it’s just another way for people to cyber bully and not take any heat beacuse nobody knows it was them.
    People choose to have formspring, and they choose to post the questions they answer. Like teenager said, nobody is forcing them, if people are finding it upsetting, delete it.

  • Kid

    i got a lot of messages recently, munter, attention seeker, pathetic, freak, sad just to name a few. i got formspring so i could talk to my friends and stuff then on my brothers birthday i got the first one. it made me feel so worthless but thing is deleting my formspring would feel like im admitting to it getting to me and when i didnt answer one question they sent me more asking why i didnt answer it and making fun of me for that. i cant just block them theres more than one person and i hate it.

    • Teenager

      I’ve gotten hurtful comments though it seems it’s hurting you more than me. What you should do is find gramatical & spelling errors, find a good comeback anything that you can to make the question seem stupid. As far as anomity goes, block your account from it. Tell them that they’re pathetic and sad for not showing their names. It makes them go away. And trust me, it doesn’t matter what they say. They obviously don’t matter in your life so don’t listen to them.

  • Teenager

    I would just like to say that what people are saying about kids finding out about sex, and drugs and all that stuff that you find so awful: well you’re an adult now and you know it. It doesn’t matter if a kid had no websites or electronics. You find out about this stuff WAY before the talk with your parents. We just pretend we didn’t know any of it. All it takes is one parent who tells one kid too early. Or one kid with older sibblings who tell them. They spread it to their friends and it just goes on and on. We know. And believe me you can take away websites and internet and everything you want but unless you put each and every kid in solitary confinment we will find stuff out. Plus by the time we become adults do you want us not to know? I’m going to relate the knowledge of drugs and sex to the knowledge of Santa Claus. Imagine if you never told your child that Santa wasn’t real. Imagine if his/her friends never told her. What happens when this girl/boy grows up, is a parent and there’s no presents under the Christmas tree? It’s never happened–we find out. What happens if you never told you’re kid that sex is what makes babies? And once they’re married their partner wants to have kids?? That wouldn’t happen because we find out.
    You may be shaking your head at this but you have to accept that we find stuff out. No matter how hard to try to filter the world of it’s hate, its coming at us.
    The best we can do is see the hate, see the world as it really is so when harsh reality hits us the blow won’t be so hard.
    You can stop trying to protect us. It only makes us sneak and go behind your backs more often.
    As far as Formspring goes, it is bad. But like mentioned, it’s a choice and don’t judge it unless you’ve used it. We’re learning nothing new.
    Besides respsonsible people will be respsonsible. Those who aren’t were probably never in the first place.
    It’s our choice and our life. Don’t try to be such a controller, try to be a helper. Who would go and talk to a scary principal when they could talk to a best friend?
    Be the best friend.
    Not the principal the kids are scared of.

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