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Kevin Hurt is in his second year as an English teacher in Washington State. Though his primary responsibility is teaching, he is also helps with technology and teacher development, and coaches football and baseball.


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  • Skraggles

    Your a good teacher. Your down to earth and understands us more that other teachers.

  • ron

    Just curious, what do they ‘make fun of’ when they start on Shelfari? Just the general idea of a social network about books or some specific features/design stuff?

    • thehurt

      @Ron: Thanks for the comment – I’m glad you asked. You’re right on with your first guess: students initially think it’s hysterical that there’s a social network focused on books (we joke that it’s BookSpace – MySpace meets the library). However, once they actually start exploring and using it, they quickly change their tune and are generally impressed. In general, they really seem to like the visual aspect of the bookshelf and being able to interact with their friends.

  • Jenny

    Hi Kevin,

    Great blog! I personally am trying to further explore the role technology can play in my classroom, and my school is going through a tremendous upheaval over how to integrate it, I find many of your posts enlightening. Check out my blog at: jennyslessonslearned.wordpress.com. It’s relatively new and, although not technology-oriented, I do plan to address the topic quite a bit this year and would love your input.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking stuff!


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