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More on Book Trailers

TPretty cool that I was thinking about this book trailer idea a while ago (here). Right around the same time (I promise I had no idea), an article was published in the journal, Educational Leadership, advocating a great, yet simple and probably obvious modification: have the kids make trailers. Derp.

I like this idea because, as the article notes, students are engaged in both the reading and in the technology. Ideally, the connection between the two would help cement the skills we’re trying to teach. I’m thinking this would be a great culminating project for our Reader’s Workshop unit. We could have students make a 2-minute trailer for the book they chose and we could teach them to use either Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premier Elements (depending on what is available at the time). Then we could have a movie day in class [30 students x 2 minutes each = 60 minutes of movies (plus down time)] at the end of the unit.

Definitely something I’d like to try. Check out the full article here.